Methods for Numerical Integration


Specific Directions:

This applet allows a person to test several numerical integration approximation methods by having the user fill out the left and right endpoint fields, type in the formula, select the method, and pressing the calculate button.  For example try typing in -1 for the left endpoint, 1 for the right endpoint, and y=x^2 for the formula then press calculate.

For each  method selected, the estimated integral for that method will appear in the text area at the bottom.  Certain functions will also appear on the graph on the left.  The java graph class is still experimental and does not use equal stretch principles.  y = x2 from -1 to 1 will appear the same as y = x2 from -100 to 100.


NOTE: Equations should be entered in the form of y=3x^2-2.  Due to the string parsing code in java decimal numbers, fractions, and trig functions are not supported inside the equation box.  Also the "*" operator is not necessary when multiplying times x.


Applet Source, Written by Nicholas Exner.

Last Revised: 5/16/00