Methods for Estimating Roots


This applet allows a person to test several root approximating methods by simply filling in the starting endpoint A, the ending endpoint B, the formula, selecting the method, and pressing the calculate button. For example try typing in 0 for A, 1 for B, and y=x^2-2 for the formula. Press calculate.

For each repetition of the method a new line wil be generated in the large text area at the bottom. For equations, which make the methods run many times, you may need to scroll down to the bottom of this text area to view the final output.

If you would like to examine the details behind each method, please see details.html.

NOTE: Java does not understand all forms of equations being answered. I.e. y=cos(x) will cause incorrect results..


Applet Source, Written by Nicholas Exner.

Last Revised: 2/11/00