Module designer(s)

  • Tim Meyers, Paul Kertay, George Reese, and Michalinos Zembylas

E-mail address(es)


Cooperating teachers

  • Tim Meyers
  • Paul Kertay


  • Collect and analyze information to make decisions about how technology can help a cafeteria manager to make a more efficient job in managing the cafeteria
  • Decide what information (fields) should be included in the database for inventory
  • Decide which descriptive statistics to use to report (and display) and analyze the inventory data
  • Construct a statistics-based presentation individually and as members of a team to communicate the results of the survey and to justify the decisions taken


  • Internet access
  • E-mail access
  • Database for inventory (e.g., FileMakerPro)  

Related Courses

  • Statistics
  • Life Science

Links to standards

  • NCTM Standards:
    Standard 10: Statistics
  • National Science Education Standards:
    Content Standards: 9-12
    (a) In Content Standard A: Use technology and mathematics to improve investigations and communications.
    (b) In Content Standard E: Develop abilities and understandings about science and technology.
  • Illinois Learning Standards:
    Mathematics: 10.A.5, 10.B.4
    Science: 11.A.5d, 11.B.5a


  • Determining data to be collected for the database for inventory.
  • Designing a database that will provide base line data on the cafeteria management.
  • Making the database available on the web.
  • Deciding which descriptive statistics to use to report (and display) and analyze the data from the inventory.
  • The data will be organized in such a way that various displays can readily be generated. (By day of week, etc.)