Logic, Circuits, and Boolean Algebra

Module designer(s)

  • Tim Hendrix

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Cooperating teachers

  • Mike Rubinski
  • Darlene Guerain


  • Develop principles of logic and boolean algebra needed in understanding simple circuits
  • Ease in translating from boolean expressions to truth tables to logic circuits (and vice-versa)
  • The ability to construct and simplify the related boolean expression and translate it into circuitry


  • Internet browser

Related Courses

  • Computer Science
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Links to standards

  • NCTM Standards:

Standard 1: Problem Solving
Standard 3: Reasoning
Standard 5: Algebra
Standard 8: Geometry from an algebraic perspective

  • Illinois Learning Standards:

Mathematics: 7C, 8D, 9C, 10B


  • Through online tutorials, students address the fundamentals of logic connectives (OR, AND, NOT) and how to build truth tables for expressions using these connectives. The tutorial then addresses the relationship between logic and algebra by translating the truth tables into variable quantities, leading to Boolean Algebra. The main goal for the unit however, is to build circuits from problems.