Automotive Repair Progress

Module designer(s)

  • James P. Dildine and Lisa Silver

E-mail address(es)


Cooperating teachers


  • Development of a system designed to help track the repairs
  • provide information that can be used as a tool for real-life data (for the introduction of concepts such as statistics and data analysis to math and science classes)


  • Internet Access
  • TI-82 Calculators

Related Courses

  • General Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Statistics

Links to standards

  •  NCTM Standards:

Standard 1: Problem Solving
Standard 2: Communication
Standard 3: Reasoning
Standard 4: Mathematical Connections
Standard 10: Statistics


  • We have included an anticipated time line that is subject to introducing and using this module over a six-day interval. There can be more or less time allowed depending on the extent to which the concepts are covered and the number of concepts that are introduced.