Accuracy, Precision, Variation and Tolerance Module

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Lesson Structure and Evaluation

1. Goals:
Design and execute experiments, gather data to answer relevant questions, and communicate results and conclusions to an audience using traditional methods and contemporary technology
   to make a more efficient job in managing the cafeteria
Develop an understanding of the difference between accuracy and precision, of the significance of variation and tolerance in making informed desicions
Conduct research using a variety of sources (written, oral, electronic etc.) and use contemporary technology to produce documents of publication for specific purposes and audiences

2. Materials:  
Internet access
Excel 5.0 or other spreadsheet

3. Suggested timeline:
1st Day--Accuracy vs. Precision
2nd Day--Tolerance: An Automotive Lab
3rd and 4th Days--Variation: An Automotive Lab.
5th Day--Variation: Variance and Standard Deviation

4. Evaluation:
On-going throughout the module with the difference experiments and problems suggested on the homepage