Accuracy, Precision, Variation and Tolerance Module

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Contact Information

MSTE/TCD Module Developers

Kenneth Travers, Professor of Mathematics Education, UIUC
Ed Susmilch, Principal at Davea Career Center
George Reese, MSTE Assistant Director
Michalinos Zembylas, MSTE/TCD Curriculum Project Director
Louie Beuschlein, Urbana High School
James P. Dildine, UIUC
Fred Dittman, TCD
Kari Farrell, UIUC
Brian Gervase
Tim Hendrix, UIUC
Paul Kertay, Glenbard West High School
Jim Krudl, TCD
Larry Krupicka, Westmont High School
Ed Malczewksi
Anne McCall, Champaign Central High School
Lisa Murphy, UIUC
Jim Nelson
Rose P., TCD
Luciano Sestito, TCD
Lisa Silver, UIUC
Joe Sosine, TCD
Lynette Tyvault, York Community High School