First! Listen to a little bit of me!

Welcome to the Activities and Interests of John Meseke

38 W 197 Toms Trail
St. Charles, IL. 60175

Hello everyone. You are about to enter some of the world of John Meseke. For the past 4 years I have spent my life at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, earning a bachelor's degree in the Teaching of Mathematics. I student taught at Urbana Middle School and at Urbana High School. I was enrolled in the Secondary Collaborative Project at U of I where we student taught at the high school for eight weeks and at the middle school for eight weeks. At the high school, we had two cooperating teachers and an on-site coordinator. At the middle school, we had only one cooperating teacher and the same coordinator. I really enjoyed working in the program, especially because of the opportunity to teach at both the high school and the middle school.

I started working for the Office for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education the summer of 1994. My first project for the office was to create lesson plans that dealt with data collection and the Internet. The main goal was to create lesson plans for a variety of subjects that can incorporate statistics found on the Internet. Also in that link are a few mathematics resources that are available on the WWW.

I am a very big fan of music, and I currently play drums in a band. We are in the process of recording a demo tape, and we plan to be playing a lot around Chicago and the surrounding states. It is hard to describe the type of music we play, because we have so many different sounding songs. The best comparison so far has been a mixture of Jane's Addiction and The Violent Femmes. I also feel that we sometimes sound a little like Primus.

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