Date: Septmember 6, 2000

    This next week, we will be creating an applet involving "Summing a Series" taken from exercise 1.8 of Scientific Computing. Further progress has been made on the interface of the Earth example.

    The Rounding Rule activity has been finished and deployed for use on the class webpage.


Date: Septmember 13, 2000

    Today, Dr. Heath and I met to discuss the status of the new "Summing a Series" web activity. The initial stage of development for this applet has been finished, and we are now working on refining it so that it is more pedagogically useful.

    The Earth example is still progressing, but still needs more work. This next week, we will focus our work on developing the Earth applet further, revising the Summing a Series activity, and start on an applet to graphically display a map of a floating point system.


Date: Septmember 20, 2000

    Dr. Heath out of town. Meeting cancelled.


Date: Septmember 27, 2000

    This week Dr. Heath and I examined the Earth java applet and found ways to extend its functionality past that of the original demo. We will be adding increased precision to it so that the exact answer has 32 digits of precision. The Earth activity is expected to be complete and ready to show by next week.

    Also at this weeks meeting, we have outlined some modifications for the summing a series activity, and planned two future applets to develop.