Activity 2

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Mealworms Observe your mealworm. Let’s get aquanited.

Your mealworm has asked me to relay an important message to you. Please listen carefully to these wise words from worm-land to avoid any disasters!


Play paragraph 1

Meawanda mealworm told us, "I am so thrilled to be in your second grade classroom! I can't wait to hear about what you kids are learning about! I also can't wait to hear how you like the way I "morph" or change from stage to stage. Before you knew me I was an egg. My mother laid about 500 eggs so I was surrounded by many others! That's when it happened, we all turned into mealworms! If you want to be really scientific you can say that I am in the larva stage! A man with blue overalls and a funny looking hat came and scooped a bunch of us into a cup and said, "send these off to second grade!" And here I am! Let's get acquainted!


Play paragraph 2

I am so lucky to be moving into a new apartment! Please make sure that my bed of grain is just right. Too little and I'll go hungry, but too much is too much! I'm sure that you get thirsty a lot! Well, I do too! Think of the ways that water is in your environment. Do you think that I need water too? If you said yes you're absolutely right! However, I don't like to go swimming, so I'll share a little trick with you. Add a small piece of carrot, apple or potato to my apartment and I'll get water from the food! I know that sounds strange but I can do it!


Play paragraph 3

How often does your mom or dad change the sheets on your bed? Well, I need things changed in my apartment too. Please add bran and cereal when I eat a lot and change the apple, carrot or potato every week. If you don’t change it you may find some mold in my apartment. YUCK! If you do all of these things for me I will let you watch me molt, and change from the larva to the pupa, and finally into the adult beetle stage. Have fun watching my metamorphosis and thank you very much for taking such great care of me!"


Additional Activities:

Draw a picture of your mealworm in their natural environment.

Draw a picture of your mealworm in its new environment (The apartment).

Write a letter to Meawanda mealworm telling her what you are going to do to take care of your mealworm. Introduce her to your mealworm and tell her some things about it.

What color is it?

How long is it?

How many segments are there?

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

Does it make any sounds?

Tell about his home.




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