Answers to Scatter Plot Questions

The first graph seems to have a pretty strong positive correlation, so it would have a value of about 0.7. You can see that the band of data points that is angled upward is relatively thin so there is not a whole lot of variation in the results when one variable is entered.

The data points of the second graph are much more spread out, although they definitely follow a downward pattern. Therefore, it would be a good guess to say that this is roughly a -0.3 correlation.

The third graph also has a negative correlation, but the data points are much tighter indicating a higher correlation. Therefore, this would probably have a value of about -0.7.

The fourth graph does not seem to have a correlation at all. There is no pattern to where the data points lie. They do not seem to go in any particular direction. Therefore this data has a correlation value of 0.

The last graph appears to have a positive correlation, although the data points are not very close together. This graph would probably have a value of 0.3.

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