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Philosophy of Classroom Management


††††††††††† Although a thorough understanding of mathematics and the learning of mathematics are very important to a successful math classroom, one of the most important aspects that creates a good learning environment is classroom management.Without a classroom that is organized and disciplined, learning is close to impossible.This is why I believe that it is imperative that a teacher begins a classroom with a well thought out management plan.I think that this plan should just provide a base for the classroom, and should be structured around prevention, respect and consistency.

††††††††††† Although discipline problems are inevitable in any classroom, prevention through set rules and an interesting curriculum can offset many distractions in the learning environment.I think that as a teacher, an initial discussion of classroom rules and making your expectations clear from the beginning can help students understand what you want from them.Although I donít think it is necessary to bombard students on the first day with regulations and state what isnít allowed in the class, I think itís important to emphasize what you want out of the class and stress that the classroom should be a positive learning community for all students.

††††††††††† In addition to clear and concise rules, good teaching strategies can also help prevent disruptions in a classroom.When students are engaged in interesting activities and enjoy being in class, there is less chance for outbreaks that disturb the class.This means that as a part of a discipline strategy, I think that teachers should incorporate many different teaching tactics and vary them often during the class.Although it may be hard to engage in exciting mathematics lessons at all times, just by keeping the momentum of the lesson going, students will be less apt to act out in class.

††††††††††† One of the main rules to set for the classroom and for the teacher to abide by is respecting all students.I think that the emphasis of respect is very important and should be followed by everyone in the classroom.When the students see that the teacher really respects them as people, the students will follow with respect towards the teacher and peers and therefore will create fewer problems.Students are more likely to talk back to teachers that they donít respect and those that they donít feel respect them in return.One way to create this mutual respect in the classroom is to become involved in studentsí lives.Besides helping the students to feel more welcomed into the classroom, learning more about what is going on in studentsí lives will also help the teacher discover aspects about background and learning style.Overall, this general feeling of comfort and respect in the classroom will hopefully avoid serious classroom situations.

††††††††††† When situations unavoidably arise in the classroom, an imperative rule that teachers should follow is consistency.Although different situations should be handled accordingly, teachers favoring some while alienating others will be seen by the class as inconsistent and will cause a teacher to lose the studentsí trust and respect.Therefore, consistency with punishments and mannerisms is very important for the teacher to maintain control of the class.

††††††††††† While a difficult issue to tackle, classroom management and discipline plans are integral to creating a positive learning environment.I think that with prevention tactics, respect and consistency, teachers can foster a community atmosphere where students will benefit.I think that teacher personality is a vital aspect in this plan, and each teacher should adjust accordingly to suit his or her needs.Although a plan is essential to teaching, I think that taking each day minute by minute and responding by amending the rules as you go along is the best way to ensure overall success.†† ††††