Article Review for Group Project #2:


Article Title: Title of the journal Article



Publication Information: Date, Volume and Issue, Page Numbers

Publisher Information: Publisher (organization, e.g., NCTM), City--Note, this info may not be available for some journals.

Keywords: These should be keywords that define the major topics of the article. I.e., if someone were searching a database of these articles, then they would search these keywords much as you searched ERIC databases. Examples: gender equity, cooperative learning, spatial sense, etc.

Reviewer: This is the person in your group writing this article review!

Introduction: Very short intro to the article; one or two sentence summary at most. Why did you and your group decide to look at this article and review it for your current project.


Abstract and Overview: Short summary of the article. True abstracts are no more than 100/150 words and are one paragraph. This abstract and overview can be a little longer. Nevertheless, try to keep it to a few paragraphs at most.


Analysis and Synthesis: Here is where you actually "review" the article. What are the most important conclusions of the article or the most important aspects from your perspective? How, specifically, does this inform your group and your project? What did you learn from the article? Are there points in the article with which you agree or disagree? Why? Pull it all together--what conclusions or implications do you feel are the most important? Again, don't feel that you need to write a long document. A few well-crafted paragraphs that are succinct and directly to the point with sound arguments supporting your position are all that are needed.

Implications for our group project: Concluding punchlines. This may even be redundant with some of your analysis and synthesis section. Try to make this a short paragraph or even a bullet list.


Note: If you prefer to combine your analysis with the overview, this decision is fine. Still provide the "Abstract" section and just make it exactly that, an abstract that is one paragraph and no more than 150 words. Then, I will expect to see a more detailed summary of the article woven into the "Analysis and Synthesis" section. Delete this paragraph when you actually edit this page for your article review.