The Taste Test Module

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Lesson Structure and Evaluation

1. Goals:
Explore how to set up a taste test
Determine the difference statistic and generate it using different methods
Gather data and analyze statistical results and determine their significance
Interpret preference results from tables
Write brief reports based on the analyses and interpretations

2. Materials:  
Internet access
E-mail access
Paper to keep track of results
Six sided die
3. Suggested time line:
1st Day--Cola Wars and We have a Winner
2nd and 3rd Days--The D-Statistic and Modeling.
4th Day--Discuss results, Review process and Write a report

4. Evaluation:
• On-going through the practical exercises provided on the homepage
• Discuss the results with your group. Review the procedures you followed
Write a brief report how you obtained the data, analyzed it and generate the d-statistic