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Day 4-5: Mail Coordinates

Label the critical coordinates and write equations for all the lines in the figure.

E-mail your results to the students at the Technology Center of DuPage (TCD)

After you have mailed the results, the students at TCD will cut the piece to your specifications.Here are some questions you and your team might have.:

  • How is this part going to be manufactured? see Milling
  • What material should we use (e.g. copper, aluminum, or plastic).
  • How am I going to package and send the finished product to the company?
  • How long will it take to make one part? 5000 parts? see Time
  • How much will it cost to make each part?

For additional questions, you can contact Davea Career Center.

Groups will be continuing at their own paces. Again, if they have questions as they are working, they should be encouraged to correspond via e-mail with the students at TCD.