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Software Files that Help in Exploring this topic

Experiment with the ideas explored in this site by using these files. When using the GSP files save them to your desktop and then open them in GSP. If you do not have GSPsoftware you can download a reader/viewer/demo version of the program here to access the files I have created.

Total GSP File | JavaSketchpad File | Equation Excel File 

All squares have r = 16. GSP File | Java File

All circles have r = 4*pi = 12.56... GSP File | Java File

All 4x5 (8x10) rectangles have r = 16. 2. GSP File | Java File

All 3-4-5 (6-8-10) rt. triangles have r = 24. GSP File | Java File

All equilateral triangles have r = 12*sqrt(3) = 20.78 GSP File | Java File

All 45-45-90 rt triangles have r = 12 + 8sqrt(2) = 23.3. GSP File | Java File

Regular Pentagons have r = 14.53 GSP FileJava File

Regular Hexagons have r = 13.86 GSP FileJava File

Regular Octagons have r = 13.25 GSP FileJava File

Regular 17-gons

Star-like/Crab-like Files GSP FileJava File


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